How to choose the right mascara for your lash type

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short and stumpy Lashes or long and lean ?

Fortunately, mascaras and eyelashes are not all created equal. It makes all the difference to use the proper wand and formula for your lash type, just as it does to choose the best moisturiser for your skin or hair style products. You may create a completely new look by combining this with certain application methods that can curl straight lashes or level out unequal lengths.

The best go-to cosmetic is mascara! When you're weary or trying to seem glamorous, it can make your eyes pop or even serve as your one-step makeup regimen. Here are some recommendations for selecting the ideal product for you.

Long lashes

Choose a curling formula and brush to add a little lift and curl to open up your eyes while enhancing your natural length. Long lashes can be curled to the side while you apply mascara, giving you a "cat eye" look without the use of liquid eyeliner. For this feline flick, concentrate the mascara on the outer lashes and pull up and out.

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Short lashes

To grip and catch every single lash, pick a thin wand with tightly packed bristles. To achieve the best style results, choose a bristle brush over a plastic one. This will enable you to stretch and uniformly coat lashes from root to tip for length and definition.

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Straight lashes that don't curl ?

It's essential to use an eyelash curler! Then, add mascara while brush rolling the wand into a curling formula. Use your fingertips to press the lashes back just before the mascara dries completely for a long-lasting curl that lasts all day.

For this practice, we recommend the Max factor masterpiece max mascara high volume a product that tend to bring out the volume in your lashes and straightens

In terms of colour ...

  • Black is a sure thing, always in style, and incredibly adaptable! It flatters all females, bringing out the colour of your iris, and enhances the white of your eye.

  • For redheads, blondes, and those seeking a more natural effect, brown is a suitable option.

  • The ideal way to give your style a unique splash of colour or an immediate touch of flair is using coloured and glitter mascara.

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