Acrylic Liquid -Monomer Used For Powder + Acrylic Nail Starter Kit


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A starter kit for acrylic nail art lovers.

Features: 3 pieces of different colours acrylic powder for creating fantastic crystal effect.
Package with acrylic liquid and glass dish ready for use.
Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkling nail tips.
You can create beautiful nail design whatever you want.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

Package contains:
1 x Acrylic Liquid; (30ml)
3 x Acrylic Powder 10g each (White, Pink and Clear);
1 x Clear Glass Dish
1 x Nail Art Brush.
1 x Manual instruction

Usage Steps
1.Take enough acrylic liquid in the cup
2.Dip the acrylic liquid with brush.
3.Then dip the acrylic powder.
4.Do nail extension or nail carving.

Please Note
The acrylic liquid has a strong smell, and may produce discomfort
for eye and respiratory system.
Highly flammable
Ingredients:Methyl Methacrylate

Be.Iokky Cometic


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