Black Mascara Transplanting Gel Natural Lengthening 3D Fiber Lashes & Case-Gift Idea


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Best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically
enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes.

3D Fiber Lashes – Up to 300% increase in eye lash length and volume with this amazing mascara!

Forget about lash extensions or falsies.
Mascara set to provide natural looking length
and volume to your eyelashes up to 300%.

Package comes with two separate bottles, the transplanting gel and the all-natural fibers.
Hypoallergenic and all natural ingredients. Use it once and it will very quickly become your
all favorite cosmetic product! As easy to use as regular mascara.
It is also waterproof, but easily removed with makeup cleanser.

How To Use
* Apply a thin coat of your own regular favorite mascara on both eyes and let it dry
* Then apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel (just like your normal mascara) from the base
of your eyelash line to the top of your eyelashes
* Immediately apply Fibres thinly to the lashes exactly like step 1 (if applied too coarsely
eyelashes will become clumpy), before the gel starts to dry
* If you are satisfied, you are done. If not, repeat (You can repeat the process as
many times as you want to get your own favorite look with a 300% increase in your lashes)
* Again apply Transplanting Gel on top of Fibres, making sure you are coating all your
lashes in Transplanting Gel (you are applying this as you would apply mascara.
Doing this you are covering the Fibres completely with black transplanting gel)
* Before the Gel dries, again thinly apply the Fibres only to the ends of your lashes
* Coat all your lashes once more in Transplanting Gel just as you would apply mascara

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