Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish Gel Silicone Texture Quick Dry One Coat


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This item is completely authentic & genuine
Bourjois is a provider of make-up for stage performers
and has been a part of Chanel since 1898

The one-coat gel formula, enriched with silicon gives nails the
perfect curve and an ultra glossy result. Its fan-effect brush adapts to the
size of each nail for an ultra quick,neat and groomed result in just 1 second,
with a single stroke!


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Turquoise Block, It"s Raining Star, Red-Grenade Tonic, Blue Water, Rouge Obscur, As de Pink, Silver'Tigo, Very Bluetiful, Blue my Mind, LILADY, Over de Taupe/Brown, Fuchsianista, A-GREIGEE, Lavande Esquisse, Saturday White Fever, Fique CHIC, Dangerous Wish, Monster Blood, Violine Hypnotique, Vampire Vanity, Enchanting Potion, Top Coat Glitterizer, In The navy, Crystal Ball, Moon Shine, Bouquet of Roses, Pink Positive, OrHi-Tech, Oh my Gold, Kakidyllic, I like to mauve it, Ambergin` Tonic, Lets`s Get Ready, Rouge in Style, Rose Delicat, Diabol` Orange, Beige Distinction, Taupe Classy, Indigo for It, Rouge Poppy, Grey-zy Night, Nice Tomette You, Blue Lagoon, Rouge Defendu, Cherrie Cherry, Rosee du Satin, Lady Nude, Bord`eaux, Betty`amo


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