Eveline Cosmetics Glycerine Hand And Nail Cream Bio Olive + Karite Butter-100ml


Cosmetic Brand:Eveline Cosmetic
Cosmetic type;Hand and nail cream
Unit Volume:100ml
Made in Poland


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Eveline Cosmetics gained trust of consumers thanks to long-term experience
and policy of high quality products available at good price.
This product has received 5 stars out of 5

Bio Olive + Karite Butter Glycerine Super Concentrated Hand Nail Cream Mask 5in1

Deeply nourishing
Strengthens nails
48 perfectly absorbing formula

Glycerine Hand And Nail Cream ensures deep nourishment and intense regeneration.
Makes even very damaged and dehydrated hands extremely soft and satin smooth.

Active Ingredients
Olive leaves extract,olive oil,karite butter,glycerine,wheat germ oil,
A,E,F vitamins complex.

How to Use
Apply onto hand skin and delicately massage into.
Use after each hands washing.



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