Gel UV Clear Rose-Gel All-in-One Building,Bonding & Sealing Yomaxx Germany


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Phase Clear Rose Gel UV-Gel All-in-One

The latest
The 1 phase gel is suitable for all important gel layers of artificial nails.
This gel does away with the need for the bonding, building and sealing gels.

With this gel, you can highlight model easily all three phases and your artificial nails
Start as usual with the filing of your natural nails and the matting. Then paste Her nail tips on and bring them to the desired length and shape. Files The transition from the natural to the artificial nail away and carry the 1 straight Phase-Builder gel on. You will need this before any bonding agent more, since with was processed in the gel. Honey effect extends the nail gel automatically smooth, so you’ll have less filing work. Thanks to the Discoloration protection no longer turn your nails and remain over several Weeks and high gloss. Furthermore.

This building gel corresponds to the highest European Cosmetics standards



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