Joyus Eau De Parfum Real Time Women EDP +Travel atomizer -110ml-Gift Set


Cosmetic Brand:  Real Time
Developed in France
Cosmetic Type; Perfume EDP
Unit Volume: 110ml (100+10ml)
Fragrance: Flowers & Citrus
Condition:New & Boxed

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Real Time-Joyus Perfume Women Gift Set
(Ladies 100ml EDP + Travel Atomizer 10ml)

This products has received 4.5 stars of 5,it is a decent quality for the price, and is worth the money.
Also it comes with travel spray so you can have in your purse at anytime.

“Really nice fragrance and long lasting.
I tried myself and im impressed.
Is fine fragrance of flowers & fresh citric lovely in summer.”

Perfume for 100% developed and manufactured in the region
of Grasse France.

Box size:21 x 16 x 7cm

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