L`oreal Infallible Eye Paint Eyeshadow Shimmer


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L`oreal Infallible Eye Paint Eyeshadow Shimmer

L’Oreal beauty products are designed to take care of yourself,
pamper you and feel beautiful every day of the Year.

High Pigmented Eye Paint
Create beautiful eye
with infallible eye paint

How to Use
Makeup Designer Application: Create endless nude looks with ease and paint it your way!
1.Paint your base:
Apply a light shade onto the lid and lightly blend the edges.
The creamy base will create a longer wear and a more even surface for application
2. Paint it smoky: Apply a dark shade to your lid, buffing the edges out so colour is visible
when the eye is open. Layer a darker shade along the lash line, softening the edges.
3. Paint it loud: Use the applicator to paint a bold shade in an even layer over
the entire lid, stopping at the crease.

Shades available:

101 Eternal White
102 Irresistible Rose
105 S.O.S Pink
106 Concrete Jungle
108 Lime Now
203 Iconic Silver
204 Over the Blue
205 Cocky Bisque
207 Sassy Squad
301 Pure Purple
303 Breath taking
305 Peach Me Babe
307 Sunset Goals
401 Rude Boy
404 Man Down
403 Diamonds
405 Take a Bow


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101 Eternal White, 102 Irresistible Rose, 105 S.O.S Pink, 106 Concrete Jungle, 108 Lime Now, 203 Iconic Silver, 204 Over the Blue, 205 Coocky Bisque, 207 Sassy Squad, 301 Pure Purple, 303 Breathtaking, 305 Peach Me Babe, 307 Sunset Goals, 401 Rude Boy, 404 Man Down, 403 Diamonds, 405 Take a Bow


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