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Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick-is a colour sensational.

Crisp Colour from our pigment technology. Creamy feel, enriched with honey nectar.
Intensify your lip colour with our captivating shades.
It’s the colour of right now.
Makes finding your perfect shade even easier.
Long lasting,Velvet, Creamy texture with fragrance.

Stunning product of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
available in different colours and formula.

Choose Shade:
085 Pink Fetish
107-Fairly Bare
117-Tip Top Tulle
157-More to Adore
220-Sugar Plum
470 Red Revolution
530-Fatal Red
882-Fiery Fuchsia
883-Orange Danger
885 Midnight Merlot
886 Berry Bossy
887-Blackest Berry
888-Pitch Black
890-Vivid Vixen
891 Sapphire Siren
892-Midnight Blue
893 Gone Greige

111-Double Shot
166-Cooper Charge
400-Berry Go

50-Baddest Beige
60-Chocolate List
65-Spicy Mauve
90-Scarlet Flame
130-Spicy Sangria



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107-Fairly Bare, 117-Tip Top Tulle, 157-More to Adore, 220-Sugar Plum, 470 Red Revolution, 530-Fatal Red, 882-Fiery Fuchsia, 883-Orange Danger, 885 Midnight Merlot, 887-Blackest Berry, 888-Pitch Black, 890-Vivid Vixen, 891 Sapphire Siren, 892-Midnight Blue, 893 Gone Greige, 886 Berry Bossy, 085 Pink Fetish, 111-Double Shot, 166-Cooper Charge, 400-Berry Go, 50-Baddest Beige, 60-Chocolate List, 65-Spicy Mauve, 90-Scarlet Flame, 130-Spicy Sangria


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