Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Ultra Matte PowderMatte-Choose Shade


Cosmetic Brand:Maybelline New York
Cosmetic Product:Lipstick



COLOR SENSATIONAL Ultra Matte PowderMatte by Maybelline ,
a creamy matte finish lipstick with nude shades that favor all skin types.

Crisp Colour from pigment technology.
Creamy feels, enriched with honey nectar.
Intensify your lip colour with captivating shades.
It’s the colour of right now.
Makes finding your perfect shade even easier.
Long lasting,Velvet, Creamy texture with light fragrance.

The most intimate kills that always favor you!

Stunning product of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
available in different colours.

Matte 3 Bold
940-Matte Rose Rush
950-Matte Magnetic Magenta

Ultra Matte
05 Ultra Matte Cruel Ruby
10 Ultra Matte Nocturnal Rose
15 Ultra Matte Smoky Taupe
25 Ultra Matte Chilling Grey
45 Ultra Matte Smoky Jade
975 Ultra Matte Divine Wine

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Matte 3 Bold, 940-Matte Rose Rush, 950-Matte Magnetic Magenta, 05 Ultra Matte Cruel Ruby, 10 Ultra Matte Nocturnal Rose, 15 Ultra Matte Smoky Taupe, 25 Ultra Matte Chilling Grey, 45 Ultra Matte Smoky Jade, 975 Ultra Matte Divine Wine


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