Maybelline Express Manicure-Nail Care Base/Top Coat Protection-10ml-Carded


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Maybelline Express Manicure
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Give your nails the boost they need with the Maybelline Strength Primer.
If you have brittle weak nails the, this is the base coat for you.
It will leave your nails feeling stronger.
The Strength Primer Protecting Base Coat helps prep the nail plate before any nail lacquer is applied.

Anti-age Keratin
Its formula, enriched with depth of patented ceramide, the irregularities of the surface of the
fingernail filling and to make more smooth
This is a genuine Large anti-wrinkle for nails that lifted Chrono in a minute.
Multiple their action: It instantly smooth it fade, it creates a shine and shine.

Growth Serum
Beauty care for healthy nail growth with 22 essential ingredients.
Nourishes and strengthens short nails.
Promotes natural growth.
Use on its own or as base for normal varnish.

Quick Dry-Gel texture
A formula that accelerates the drying time of your manicure.
Just brush it on.
Perfect for those who don’t want to lose time.

Express Manicure Available Formula
Base Protect-Fortifiant
Base Protect & keratin
Top Coat effet Gel 3D
Top -Ultra Brightening-Clear
Top Coat Quick Dry
Anti-age with keratin
Growth Serum & Keratin

Instant smoothing care
Ceramide to fill in nail irregularities
Instant smoothing effect


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Base Protect-Fortifiant, Base Protect & keratin, Top Coat effet Gel 3D, Top -Ultra Brightening-Clear, Top Coat Quick Dry, Anti-age with keratin, Growth Serum & Keratin, Instant Smoothing Care


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