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Maybelline New York Long Lasting Drama Gel & Colour Show Kohl
Description from Maybelline:
Created with a high concentration of pigments for a more intense and dramatic look.
Its creamy formula gets a clear and consistent line.
No oils, waterproof and lasts 16 hours.

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Available in shades of:
Color Show Kohl
120 Sparkle Grey
210 Turquoise Flash
220 Beauty Blue
300-Edgy Emerald
320 Vibrant violet
330 Coralista
410 Chocolate Chip
400 Marvelous Maroon
520 Village Green
Master Drama
20 Rose Pearl
45 SpaceLight Black
30 MoonLight Purple
Lasting Drama
Gel Eyeliner (big size)-Black Excess
Crushed Emerald
Gel Pencil-Blue Saphir
the Nude-Kohl Liner-22 Brownie Glitz
the Nudes 05 Highlighter Bronze
the Nudes-19 Pearly Taupe
10 Gold Light
Expression Kajal
35 White Crayon Waterproof
36 Blue
37 Green
38 Brown
40 Silver Grey
The Colosal Kajal
Khol Express
Bleu Metallique



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Blue Saphir, 22 Brownie Glitz, 400 Marvelous Maroon, 330 Coralista, 320 Vibrant violet, 210 Turquoise Flash, Bleu Électrique, 110 Black gold, Bleu Metallique, 120 Sparkle Grey, Lasting Drama 10 Gold Light, Masterdrama 45 SpaceLight Black, Master Drama 30 MoonLight Purple, Turquoise, 19 Pearly Taupe, 220 Beauty Blue, Crushed Emerald, 520 Village Green, 410 Chocolate Chip, The Colosal Kajal Turquoise, Color Show-300 Edgy Emerald, 10 Gold Light, Expression Kajal -35 White Crayon, Master Drama-20 Rose Pearl, Expression Kajal -40 Silver Grey, Expression Kajal – 36 Blue, Expression Kajal -37 Green, Expression Kajal-38 Brown


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