Maybelline Foundation Dream Radiant Satin Liquid


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Maybelline Foundation Dream Radiant Satin Liquid-SPF 13
Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating
Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen

Medium Coverage
Up to 12 Hour Hydration

More about this product

Get radiant glowy skin: no need to look any further can get the radiant skin you’ve always
dreamed of using dream radiant liquid foundation
Hyaluronic acid: with added hyaluronic acid this foundation has added skincare benefits
that work throughout the day to ensure skin isn’t dry and that foundation looks fresh all day long
Collagen: with anti ageing ingredient collagen also a key ingredient
with dream radiant liquid foundation skin will be left feeling plumper and glowing
Delivers up to 12 hours of hydration: due to the benefits of the hyaluronic acid and collagen which
moisturise and plump the skin
Lightweight formula: this formula has medium coverage but a lightweight feel – perfect for anyone who
is after the no makeup makeup look or wants more natural makeup was previously named ‘dream satin
liquid’: still fav ite dream satin liquid foundation with added skincare benefits and a new name –
packaging may differ slightly


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