NYX Lipstick Matte Velvet Long Lasting-Various Shade!


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NYX Professional Make-up-Suede-Matte-Velvet Lipstick

Review:These NYX lipsticks are known for the non-drying formula that still provides the ideal,
velvety matte finish you really want.
Unlike other matte lipsticks that dry out and crumble off the lips throughout the day,
this lipstick, especially in the dusky light Soft Femme is soft and long-lasting

Shades Available:

SO3 Unicorn Fur
S08 Duchess
S02 Beach Casual
S04 Midnight Muse
S12 Charmed
S09 Violet Voltage
S01 Discorderly
S10 Effervescent
S07 Miami Nights


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S01 Discorderly, S02 Beach Casual, SO3 Unicorn Fur, S04 Midnight Muse, S07 Miami Nights, S08 Duchess, S09 Violet Voltage, S10 Effervescent, S12 Charmed


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