Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish & Neon-Step 1-Choose Shade-14.7 ml


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Sally Hansen Available  for Miracle Gel Nail Polish & Gel Neon
This item is completely authentic & genuine

More Resistant Than Regular Nail Polish

How to Use
Apply 2 coats of polish to clean dry nails .
Allow to dry
No UV require
Long Lasting-Quality product

Be.Iokky Cosmetic

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051 Neon Peach Please, 052 Neon Electri-Lime, 53 Neon Miami ice, 024 Gray`t Night, 026 Pink Prancer, 042-Koi Coral, 052 Sundown Socialite, 054-The Fuschia`s Bright, 055 Metro Midnight, 065 Garnish Attention, 120-Dare Bare, 123-Champagne Reign, 153 Feeling Gelt-y, 163-Tangerine Sunrise, 174 Shhh-immer, 184-Frill Seeker, 190 Pinky Rings, 204 Adrenaline Crush, 249-Pinky Promise, 260 GreyFitti, 270 Street Flair, 290-Grey Matters, 300-Electra-Cute, 302 Rose To The Occasion, 374 Sweet Tea, 380-Malibu Peach, 446 Read-y Set Run, 479-Wine Stock, 449-Rhapsody Red, 509 Pink Stiletto, 523 New Suede Shoes, 549-Boho a Go-Go, 580-For the Thrill, 600-In a Flurry, 656 Swim Upstream, 690-Tipsy Gypsy, 730-Fish teal Braid, 819 Buffalo Nickel, 380-Malibu Peach, 249-Pinky Promise, 101-Top Coat, 170-Pink-Cadillaquer, 189-Terra-Copa, 482-Walk The Wine, 522-Raisin to Smile, 792-Once Upon a Pearl, 907 Under the Tree, 900 Snow What You Want, 652 Neblue-la, 155 Five Golden Blings


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