Technic False individual Eyelashes 3 Sizes/Pack-Glue Included


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Technic False individual Eyelashes 3 Sizes/Pack-Glue Included

Individual eyelash can help to achieve a natural fuller look.
Available in 3 lengths:
10 mm (inner lash)
12 mm (center lash)
14 mm (outer corner)

How to Use
1.Clean lashes & eyelids to ensure they are oil free.
2.Pierce tip of tube with pin in cap & pour few drops of adhesive onto a small piece
of aluminium foil (not included)
3.Use the 10 mm (inner lash),12 mm (center lash),14 mm (outer corner).
4.Choose the desired lash and carefully remove from the tray with tweezers.
5.Dip the knotted end of lash into the adhesive.Wait 30-60 seconds for the adhesive
to become tacky
6.Begin with the left eye,using your right hand place the lash directly above
the root line of your own lashes than apply the lash with the knotted end to
your eyelid with light pressure.
7.Gradually work towards the outer corner .
You will use average between 7-14 eyelashes per eye.

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