The Best Foundations For Every Skin Type

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How to choose the best foundation for your skin

Choosing the ideal foundation for your skin can be difficult even when things are going well. It depends on what you want. Would you like a matte finish or a dewy one? Sheer Or Whole Coverage? Also, there is the undertone to consider. Cool Or Warm? Do you desire your precise shade? Or perhaps something to add a little colour?

A flawless base for the rest of your makeup can be achieved with just the right quantity, but using too much might clog your pores and cause breakouts. You can never be too sure what's right for you because there are so many options available and a variety of ingredients.

Getting the feel

Consistency is another element to consider. There is a wide variety to pick from, including stick foundations and creams. Stick foundations are ideal if you're on the go because they can also be used as concealers, whilst cream foundations can provide the moisturising advantages of a skincare serum.

Whichever your preference, never forget to moisten your skin with a quality moisturiser or serum before using your preferred foundation. Here at Fashionista  we suggest using a clay mask to prepare the skin by lightly exfoliating it first. Using a primer before applying foundation can help minimise the appearance of fine wrinkles and prolong the wear time of the makeup.  We advise using your fingertips to blend, tap, and build coverage using a flat foundation brush which can also be found in the accessories section of our website 

Best foundation for oily skin

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A more matte formulation will produce the best results for people with oily or combination skin as it helps to reduce unwanted shine (caused by surface-dwelling oil) and imparts a velvety finish. Use light or medium, buildable formulas instead than going overboard with the coverage because pigment can settle into pores and fine lines and leave a cakey finish. As an illustration, Maybelline's Oil-Free Dream Radiant Satin Liquid Foundation from Maybelline uses hyaluronic acid, tea tree extract, and charcoal to hydrate the skin while hiding flaws for a flawless matte finish. It may easily be buffed onto a shiny T-zone throughout the day without interfering with the rest of your makeup, and it mattes without dilating the skin.

It's also important to consider supplemental products to use in conjunction with your new foundation and aid in its full development. The best primers will help you manage oil production and keep your makeup in place, while setting powders will help you manage shine, and makeup setting sprays will only help your makeup last longer.

Best foundation for Dry skin

When selecting a foundation for dry skin, look for phrases like "glow" or "luminous," and look for formulas with additional skincare elements. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are excellent remedies for dry skin. Also, use primers and moisturising serums to prepare skin before applying foundation. These will contribute to making sure your foundation lasts and feels well on your skin.

The Maybelline Everfresh Long Lasting LSF30 Foundation, a hybrid serum-foundation with hyaluronic acid, cordyceps, and an SPF of 30, will aid to hydrate and soothe skin while delivering a bright, even-toned complexion. With giving 24-hour long lasting texture, this product will increase your cells' capacity for repair.